OKE Series Mixer Extruder

This unitized Kneader enables you to achieve superb dispersion and uniform quality mixing from batch to batch.

It is very easy to install and keep clean while requiring little or no maintenance. Operators require no special skill or training and most importantly, the Kneader is very cost effective and affordable.

MODEL OKE-10L OKE-50L OKE-150L OKE-350L OKE-750L OKE-1000L OKE-2000L
Kneader Motor 3HP 30HP 60HP 100HP 150HP 200HP 300HP
Single Screw Motor 2HP 7.5HP 10HP 25HP 30HP 40HP 50HP
Single Screw
75 (m/m) 100 (m/m) 110 (m/m) 200 (m/m) 220 (m/m) 250 (m/m) 270 (m/m)
Cooling or
Heating System
0.5HP 1HP 2HP 5HP 7.5HP 10HP 20HP
Blending Capacity 10L 50L 150L 350L 750L 1000L 2000L
Full Capacity 20L 100L 300L 700L 1500L 2000L 4000L
Net Weight ( kg ) 2000 4500 8500 14500 16500 20000 30000